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This months words from the Chapter President - November 2022




With the November elections fast approaching, let me take this opportunity to encourage everyone to be informed about the issues that matter to you, and get out and VOTE.


The final Honor Flight for 2022 was completed on 25 October. Three members of our chapter participated as Veterans in that event. They were: Col Chuck Guy, Col Tom Marty, and LtCol Bill Pickett.


Ozarks Empire Chapter, MOAA, was again honored at the recent MOAA Annual Members meeting and Awards Banquet in Kansas City, receiving the Five Star Level of Excellence award. My thanks to each member of our Chapter, for your contributions during this past year.


As previously mentioned, our next chapter meeting is scheduled for the evening of November 18, and this will constitute our required chapter business meeting. Elections will be held that evening, for all elected Board positions. Candidates for those positions at this time include Ron McCall, Captain, US Air Force Retired, as candidate for President for a second two-year term; Becky Hutchings, surviving spouse, as candidate for Vice President for a second two-year term; and Bill Pickett, LtCol, US, Air Force, Retired, as candidate for Secretary-Treasurer, for another two-year term. Nominations will be open for any additional candidates for these offices. We would especially like to solicit candidates for Second Vice President.


For all Chapter Members, MSU hosts a Veterans’ Day Breakfast. I have attended this several times in the past. It’s a good breakfast, presented at no cost, and a well-done program. They adhere tightly to a schedule. For those who want to stick around, there is a moving presentation of Taps, which starts outside MacDonald Arena, circles around the entire campus, before returning to its starting location. It’s really quite an experience to sit there and listen to it make its way around the campus. Interested individuals may check out the page on MSU’s website: Veterans Day Breakfast and Taps Project 2022


The City of Nixa will hold a Veterans’ Day observance, at the Nixa Community Center, beginning at 0900, on Saturday November 12. The Speaker at this event will be LtCol Shawn Swier, UMSC (Retired). All are welcome to attend. Refreshments will follow.


I need to voice another need that has become known in our chapter. We enjoy hearing from a wide variety of speakers each month at our meetings. Chuck Guy has filled this need valiantly for the past two years, but his personal schedule has become overcrowded, and he needs to divest himself of this responsibility. Thus, we need someone to speak up, who has good community contacts, can reach out to agencies, and recruit speakers. It is the combined efforts of all of us together that make our chapter work. Thank you for continuing to volunteer. Remember – Never Stop Serving ©.


As always, our newsletter is freely available on the chapter website, www.OEMOAA.org as well as via email to all members. If anyone wishes to receive this newsletter via US Mail, please make that known to a Board Member or the Newsletter Editor, and we will make that happen.



Ron McCall, President

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