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This months words from the Chapter President - June 2022



As is often the case in many of our lives, circumstances change, and we have to re-order our priorities.  Such is the case with John Hathcock, who has served admirably as our Legislative Chair for some time.  He is asking to be able to step away from this responsibility.  Thus, the chapter is in need of someone new to step forward and take this on.  This means keeping up with legislative issues as published by MOAA in their weekly updates, as well as keeping tabs on issues before the Missouri Legislature.  Their legislative session actually ends during the month of May, though the issues of importance often do not lie dormant until the next year.  Thus we need someone who can track these things, and help keep the rest of us informed on matters that make a difference to Veterans and their families.  This can be easily handled, as we have been doing, through a column in the monthly OEMOAA Newsletter. Anyone with experience and/or interest in this area is encouraged to contact John Hathcock for more details and let me know.  I’ll be happy to consider designating you then as the Chapter Legislative Affairs Liaison.


We have received word that our chapter newsletter has once again been recognized by MOAA, and has been given the Marvin Harris 5-Star Communications Award for 2021. I must acknowledge that I stand on the shoulders of those who have served before me as Editor.  In my knowledge, those individuals include Shirley Bridges and Col Phil Samples.  My sincere gratitude to them for their efforts.  It is an honor to continue in their footsteps.


We recently conducted an on-line survey of our membership, in an effort to discern feelings about our foray into holding daytime meetings this past Winter.  As of this date, 21 responses have been logged. According to the data, the idea of daytime meetings during the Winter months was well received. There is also interest in considering an additional daytime meeting in September.  The overall preference was for Thursday noon meetings, as we held this year.  Responses showed strong interest (2/3) in considering other venues for our meetings vs staying with our present meeting host.  While this idea has been discussed in the past, options are always changing.  If anyone has ideas about another venue that can serve our needs, either daytime or evening, catering a quality meal at a reasonable cost, while avoiding excessive setup or other hosting fees, please share that with your Board.  While we have held our meetings at Twin Oaks Country Club for several years, we are under no long-term obligation with them. There was also strong interest (74%) in developing, as a chapter, some type of coordinated community outreach, where members can serve as volunteers, on behalf of OEMOAA. 


Our Cardinals tickets have all been sold!  Looking forward to a fun evening on July 26th at the ballpark.


As always, our newsletter is freely available on the chapter website, www.OEMOAA.org as well as via email to all members.


Ron McCall, President

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