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This months words from the Chapter President - November 2020

I hope everyone is doing well under the present COVID circumstances and adhering to recommended protocols. It can be stressful to be away from friends and family so stay in touch in any way possible. We will get through this together!


We started monthly meetings again and both September and October were very successful. Greg McManus spoke to us in September, but our October speaker was understandably reluctant to attend in person. Ron McCall and Bill Pickett quickly got together and came up with a way to make it happen by holding a Zoom meeting. Using our own equipment and Ron's Zoom account, we were able to see and hear Sarah Derr, Volunteer Coordinator with RSVP here in Springfield.


RSVP stands for Retired and Senior Volunteer Program. They provide many opportunities to volunteer in the community in support of schools and senior programs. For information about volunteering and their COVID response, call 417-862-2129 or go online at rsvpinfo@ccozarks.org.

Please consider attending the November meeting. After our speaker, we will have our annual Business Meeting, which will include Officer reports, as well as nominations for and election of new Officers.

At our dinner meetings, Twin Oaks, as well as the City of Springfield, requires masks to be worn anytime while in the clubhouse except when eating. Tables are set for 6 instead of 8 and all TO staff wear masks at all times. Dinners are plated meals only and, so far, they have been exceptional in quality and quantity. It has been great to see good friends again and enjoy an evening together.

Another point of interest is highlighted elsewhere in this newsletter. Many of you know of the annual Veteran's Day
breakfast, which has been hosted by Missouri State University in the past. Understandably, due to COVID this year, things will look different. They are hosting an evening event at Plaster Stadium on November 5. Hopefully the weather will cooperate, and this can be enjoyed by those who wish to attend. Masks will of course be required, as well as Social Distancing. Look forward to seeing those of you there, who wish to and are able to attend.


We are also pleased to announce that we have secured a musical group as entertainment for our December Christmas dinner. They are a traveling handbell group from Second Baptist Church here in Springfield. There are six players, and they produce a beautiful sound, a real pleasure to listen to. As we have done in the past, we plan to take up a voluntary collection for their benefit, which we anticipate presenting to them when they are with us next month. There will be opportunity for our members to donate, both upon check-in to the November, as well as December meetings. I'm sure they will be most appreciative of our generosity.


Chuck Guy, President


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